Sunday Afternoon Smile

David Kanigan:

I’m with Bonnie…”too good not to share.”

Originally posted on BonsEye:

Too good to not share…

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  1. Fantastic.


  2. That was good. Her facial expression when emergency came up…Priceless!!


  3. My 17 year old daughter says it was mean to do that to her. I thought it was pretty spectacular. Re-blogged at


  4. What a memory to have of your engagement! :)


  5. Oh, it made me cry. But I would have had to punch him once the plane landed.


  6. Can’t help but smile. Probably comes as no surprise that I’m in the camp of those who would punch him at some point, though – hopefully after landing.


  7. That…was…incredible…!


  8. Awesome way to propose :-)


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