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  1. Pretty much sums it up…. :-)

  2. For some reason I found myself reading faster and faster as I got near the end…..felt like a radio car commercial listing all the disclosures. Lol.

  3. Boy, is it expensive. But, well worth the price.

  4. lkanigan says:

    Love it and so true!! Reposted this on Facebook.

  5. And as the mileage increases and body parts start to lose their shine, we start to realize that as wonderful as shiny and new is, there is a lot to be said for reliability and comfort. Shared this on FB … love it.

  6. Reblogged this on Simple.Interesting..


    straight to the point! nice!

  8. foroneplease says:

    Reblogged this on Single Again and commented:

  9. Hi! I have just nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award

    I would be honoured if you accept!

  10. Cannot argue with that, at all. I like the straightforward nature of it. Kind of like the fact that we just HAVE to brush our teeth every day, wear seat belts, etc. No guessing games!

  11. Love it! Still chuckling :)

  12. This touched my funny bone and is quite applicable. Thanks for posting.

  13. Love this! Thanks, David.

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