The Practiced Life

David Kanigan:

Short story. Packs a wallop and a message for many of us. Christian hits it on the screws again…

Originally posted on The Upside:

When asked by filmmaker Paul Balmer in 2006 how much he practices guitar these days, classical guitar virtuoso Julian Bream—seventy-two years old at the time—answered:

“I’m retired now so the practice is down to just four hours.”

Four hours.

Every day.

Seventy-two years old.


I better get practicing….

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  1. I have two Julian Bream cd’s – my dad used to play classical guitar…He is truly inspiring..


  2. A cup of coffee and some beautiful music first thing in the morning……can’t think of a better way to start the day! Thanks for sharing.


  3. I saw him play a couple of times about 20 years ago. Every moment of it is so intense for him.
    Frivolous question: in the waste paperbasket behind him, is that some ancient instrument that he decided to chuck out?


  4. classic Bream; very nice indeed!


  5. In anything we do we can always improve on it through doing and practice :-)


  6. Oohh, this gives me chills. Exquisite…..


  7. One of the comments was “best 10 minutes mankind has to offer”. Bold statement, but an elegant thought worth pondering. Excellent choice for a Friday.


  8. That was really beautiful. I know that’s an overused word, but you get the picture.


  9. Simply fabulous choice in music for a Friday arrival home from work. Thank you.


  10. I am transported…a beautiful way to begin the evening. Thanks Dave.


  11. This is fabulous. It really speaks to my soul.


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