Chop Back The Jungle Each Day…

I’ve been an avid follower of Michael Wade and his blog (Leadership, Ethics, Management, and Life).  Here’s his post this morning:

Personal Chores

Study yourself. It will be a life-long course. Don’t let admirable long-term plans keep your focus so heavily on the horizon so that you trip over the immediate. Always know how much time you have. Count on a project taking at least three times longer than you originally planned. Don’t be too quick to forgive yourself but be able to do so. Avoid haters. Try to have a good laugh at least once a day. Never quell on bad experiences. Move on from them. Become a gourmet of life’s beauty. Don’t rush; speed is often over-rated. Learn something unusual once a month. Look for the story behind the story. Recognize that “No” often has an expiration date. If something is too easy, there is a reason and it’s usually not good news. Elude the cheap fashions of our times. Search for great people who are not celebrities and never confuse greatness with celebrity. Craft a philosophy. Don’t assume that societal progress is ordained. Chop back the jungle every day. Know the symptoms of inertia. Watch out for once-impressive programs that have become skeletons in new suits. Never take your future for granted. Relax as seriously as you work. Cultivate courage and kindness. Be noble.

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